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Why intern at TRG

  • You will gain real work experience from a diverse international company
  • You will be integrated into our team of professionals
  • You will discover your likes and dislikes in a safe environment

What we look for in the imPerfect intern

One of our Core Values at TRG is Kaizen. We believe in continuous improvement and self-discipline.

We believe everything can be improved and that every small improvement is worth making. We expect you to be able to critically think about the tasks you are given and reflect upon the procedure for that task. If you see a better way to do the task or find areas of the procedure lacking, we expect you to bring this up to help continually improve the business and thus you make a direct positive impact too.

TRG Internship vacancies in 2023

Currently, TRG International offers more than 10 vacancies in our Ho Chi Minh City office and also for virtual internship ranging from application consulting, marketing, and business development areas:

Sales Operations Intern Sales Operation Intern – TRG International

Talent Solution Consulting Intern: Talent Solution Consulting Intern – TRG International

Human Resources Intern Human Resources Intern – TRG International


Video Editing Intern Video Editing Intern – TRG International

Accounting Intern: Accounting Intern – TRG International

Academy Admin Intern Academy Admin Intern (TRG Academy) – TRG International

Marketing Intern Marketing Intern – TRG International

Operations Intern Operations Intern (for PJ’s Coffee of TRG) – TRG International


Graphic Design Intern Graphic Design Intern – TRG International

SOP Intern SOP Intern – TRG International

Web Developing Intern Web Developing Intern (PHP/CSS/HTML) – TRG International

Application Consulting Intern Application Consulting Intern – TRG International

SEO / Webmaster Intern SEO / Webmaster Intern – TRG International

  • This job has expired!
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