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Rolled out in 2012, Zalo is the most popular mobile messaging app in Vietnam, thanks to its striking speed and stability commensurate with the local internet infrastructure.

With 52 million monthly active users, the app records over 1 billion messages, 50 million calling minutes, and 45 million pictures per day.

Besides its messaging function, Zalo has also boasted many other features, catering to different users’ needs.

Zing MP3

From its inception in 2007, Zing MP3 has upended the way Vietnamese people enjoy music. From passively listening to playlists and charts, Zing MP3 music lovers have switched to actively searching for the songs they want.

Zing MP3 has solidified its foothold in Vietnam’s music market as a major license owner, inking a number of exclusive partnerships with local artists and obtaining distribution rights in music by foreign artists, and became the leading music streaming service in Vietnam.

The prestigious annual Zing Music Awards is conferred on the best artists on the platform, honoring excellent performances and reflecting Vietnamese music trends.

Zing TV

Launched in 2012, Zing TV is now the top video streaming service, featuring the most popular and high-quality TV shows and movies in HD resolution, giving users access to their favorite content on any device, anywhere.

Zing News

Zing News is the leading online newspaper in Vietnam, with over 35 million monthly unique visitors. Zing News embraces unique journalistic angles and approaches that uphold the highest journalistic standard and integrity.

Staffed with high-caliber journalists, the news site also embraces the global trend of applying the latest technology in journalism. Zing News envisages becoming a leading, influential news outlet in Vietnam and the region.

Báo Mới

Báo Mới is the most popular news aggregator in Vietnam, recording high traffic and keeping its readers abreast of news curated from hundreds of online newspapers.


Launched in 2013, Adtima is the number one premium publisher in Vietnam, owning the most extensive advertisement, digital marketing, and entertainment network in Vietnam, especially on mobile devices. Adtima provides various solutions on communications, content, and CRM to numerous clients.

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