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This immersive and hands-on program provides a unique opportunity for graduate students to study and mitigate real-world cybersecurity vulnerabilities affecting critical infrastructure systems.
As a participant, you will:

  • Identify and replicate known vulnerabilities in a controlled lab environment, leveraging our OPSWAT Critical Infrastructure Lab’s resources.
  • Develop and test exploits related to these vulnerabilities, gaining insight into hacker tactics and methods.
  • Produce comprehensive written reports and visual content (video and images) detailing the vulnerabilities, the reasons behind their occurrence, and their potential impact on critical infrastructure.
  • Scan identified malware and vulnerabilities using OPSWAT’s suite of tools, such as the MultiScanner, Deep CDR, Proactive DP, Sandbox, Neuralyzer, and Vulnerability Scanners, and document your findings.
  • Create a defense strategy that outlines protective measures against identified vulnerabilities and similar future threats, backed by your hands-on experience and testing results.


The program consists of 6 modules as below:

Module 1: Vulnerability Identification and Replication

  • Start with a known vulnerability (to be provided during the program).
  • Replicate the vulnerability in the OPSWAT Critical Infrastructure Lab.

Module 2: Exploit Development

  • Develop an exploit for the identified vulnerability.
  • Test and refine the exploit.

Module 3: Analysis and Documentation

  • Investigate and document the reasons the vulnerability occurred and its potential effects on critical infrastructure.
  • Capture your process and findings through video/images, and written reports.

Module 4: Scanning and Identification

  • Use OPSWAT’s MultiScanner, Sandbox, Neuralyzer, and Vulnerability Scanners to scan and identify the malware and vulnerabilities.
  • Document your scanning results and analysis.

Module 5: Defense Strategy

  • Based on your findings, formulate a strategy to defend against the identified vulnerabilities and similar future threats.
  • Write a detailed report and create visual content (diagrams, flowcharts, etc.) to illustrate the defense strategy.

Module 6: Final Presentation

  • Compile all your findings, reports, and strategies into a comprehensive document and presentation.
  • Present your work to a panel of cybersecurity experts from OPSWAT for feedback and further learning.
  • Create a video and online material to be published on OPSWAT’s and your university’s website.


  • By the end of this program, you will gain an in-depth understanding of vulnerability analysis, exploit development, and cybersecurity defense strategies within the context of critical infrastructure. This hands-on, hands-on experience will be invaluable in helping you build and develop your future career in Cybersecurity. You can include this practical exercise in future Master’s and Doctoral Research projects.
  • You will have the opportunity to expose and work on OPSWAT’s Critical Infrastructure Labs.
  • Opportunities to become Intern/FTE of OPSWAT after the program.


  • Monthly allowance (for 3 day working week): gross VND 6,000,000.
  • Award for individual/team with excellence performance.
  • Parking at the office building.
  • Enjoy full office facilities, with breakfast & afternoon snacks, as well as other people activities.


  • Final year student or fresh graduate, major in Cybersecurity, IT or Computer Science who have special interest in Cybersecurity.
  • Good English communication
  • Quantity: 4 members/batch.
  • Ability to work in the office at least 3 days/week (Mon-Wed-Fri) for a period of 6 weeks in a row.

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