Company Detail

The AMR GROUP is an expert in Vietnam and its markets. The team is local but with international training and experience, operating to global standards.

VINAMR provides world class marketing research through

  • Deep understanding of the brief.
  • International quality Fieldwork.
  • Professional data handling and decision-oriented analysis.
  • Action focus recommendation.



  • Assist in developing a brand strategy;
  • Forecasting marketing mix performances;
  • Crystallizing brand positioning platform & strategic indications;
  • Feasibility of product concept.


  • Brand health tracking;
  • Brand equity building;
  • Future brand strategy;
  • Repositioning of under-performing or aging brands.

Our sampling frames are the best in Vietnam:

  • Telephone (the telephone directory covers more than 7 million households in 63 provinces of Vietnam, including rural area)
  • Households (the detail, exhaustive and updated list of all households in key cities of Vietnam, including HCMC, Hanoi, Haiphong, Danang, and Cantho)
  • Business (the most updated list of all business entities currently operating in Vietnam, categorized into big, medium, and small)
  • Doctors (the complete list of doctor, their hospital, specialty and telephone number)
  • Vehicle owners (brand, model, grade, year of production)

We have our own field offices and our own supervisors across Vietnam

  • Our main office is in HCMC, with supporting offices in Hanoi, Haiphong, Danang, and Cantho.

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