IT Consultis

Company Detail

Established in 2011 in Shanghai, China, IT Consultis has grown from a small development boutique to a wide range of web services to clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies, from various industries worldwide. We are committed and we strive to push the boundaries of creativity. Every project we take on is lead to success by our team of highly talented and multi-disciplinary coworkers.

No project can be successfully completed without following a tried and tested process. Our team strives to work together using the agile method for development to ensure that projects run smoothly, are delivered within the agreed upon timeline and that the client is aware and involved in every step of the way, from the initial project briefing until after the website’s launch.


Before getting started, establishing every aspect that is expected for a project is crucial. Through questionnaires and an initial project introduction meeting with the client, we define what the outcomes should be, how success will be measured and the direction the visual identity should follow. We also establish the technological requirements needed and make the appropriate recommendations.


Once the scope of work, project objectives, and technology and design vision are established, the art direction and design process begins. Using everything learnt during the planning process, we define the look and feel of the website. We create prototypes of the website’s layout to perfect the UX and create design mockups for every page in the website’s sitemap. These mockups are converted into HTML/CSS pages, which are then integrated into the CMS/framework of choice after the back-office has been created and customized to fit the client’s requirements.


Design, checked. Front-end development, checked. Back-end development, checked. Time to go live? Not yet! Before any of our projects go live, we carry out extensive quality control in which the client actively participates. We test the whole website to ensure that it is compatible with all modern web browsers, bug-free and that every user story defined in the planning step is working. If we find any issues, they are fixed immediately. At this point, we migrate the website from our staging server to the client’s one and go live.


Going live doesn’t mean our job is done. We understand that once the website starts receiving visitors, there will be features that need to be tweaked. We observe and evaluate the website’s performance and make improvements wherever necessary.