Ho Chi Minh Securities Corporation


Company Detail

Ho Chi Minh City Securities Corporation (HSC) is a leading and award-winning professional securities brokerage and equities firm in Vietnam. HSC offers a full suite of services and financial products to private and institutional clients, providing professional investment advisory services backed by solid, trusted, award winning research. Through its Corporate Finance Division, HSC has established an exceptional track record of connecting businesses to investors and creating long-term sustainable partnerships.

HSC benefits from synergy between two financial powerhouses in Vietnam; the founding shareholder Ho Chi Minh City Finance and Investment State-owned Company (HFIC); and strategic shareholder Dragon Capital Group, a prominent and leading diversified investment group.

Officially listed on the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (HOSE) in May 2009 under the ticker HCM, as of 31/12/2016, shareholders’ equity of HSC totaled VND2,392 billion (approximately US$ 105 million), making HSC one of the largest securities companies in the country with a strong financial base and investment capacity.

HSC strives to continuously develop its core competencies and fosters human capital in research and technology to improve and develop our products and services, and grow the scope of business based on the evolving needs of clients. We emphasize ongoing enhancements in Corporate Governance as the cornerstone to ensuring long term sustainable growth.

Over the 14-year period since commencing operations, HSC has affirmed its top position among securities firms in Vietnam by consistently gaining a leading market share nationwide.

Alongside developing its business, HSC aims to have a positive influence by continuously redefining the securities industry, and contributing overall to the development of society in Vietnam.