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1. Contribute to sales tactical planning to maximize competitive advantage
  • Identify the effective segments, customers’ needs and market situation; then analyze and help formulate competitive marketing and sales plan

2. Monitor actual commercial results compared to aspiration or expectation to recommend from pricing analysis to upper level for making decision

  • Identify the discrepancies, analysis and make recommendations based on the actual results and trends

3. Strategic analytic for product and channel

  • Deep dive analytic from internal cost investment to potential selling price to determine the commercial margin to support for final decision making
  • Analyzing from data and put it into the presentation
  • Provide contribution margin report to support strategy view and decision
  • To provide a overview and transparrent information and result from pricing monitoring to management team via Monthly pricing meeting

4. Pricing analytic

  • The forecast and analytic of net selling price, net sales and determination the impact from key factors into the monthly results are required to provide to the management level. It should be based on the volume and cost investment decided or forecasted for the calculation.
  • To provide and present the final monthly pricing result to Management level

5. Pricing decision & payment process

  • Ensure the entire process from price decisions to the payment for customers is transferred fully & accurately. It’s required to reflect exactly the final data and information from the pricing decision to customer’s letter after finishing the implemented month

6. Coordinate with other cross-function departments and improve the level of service satisfaction

  • Support all marketing and sales functions by giving recommendations & coordinate between departmental levels; provide analytical support for all marketing and sales functions


1. Educational Qualifications
  • University degree in Economics, Marketing, Finance, and/or Business Administration

2. Relevant Experience

  •  Knowledgeable in cement industry and professional business conduct

3. Leadership Competencies

  • Analysis and Problem-solving
  • Logical thinking
  • Manages Execution
  • Customer Focus
  • Communication
  • Presentation
  • Adapts and Learns
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