Project Assistant Internship


Responsibilities: (what are your tasks related during the internship? (please list out all tasks, as details
as possible for approval), who will be supervising you during the internship?)

01 internship/01-parttime member

– Support for reporting project during next 3-6 month, can be extended to 9 months

– Open opportunity and be trained to work long-term in Hoan My if interested

Required skills/ Qualifications:

– Vietnamese is preferred;

– Finance/Business background is preferred

– Good English, good at reporting design & writing

– Good work ethic;

Monthly Allowance: (not compulsory but it is recommended to have small allowance as encouragement for the applicants)
US$ 100 – 150


Does the company accept applications from International students? No
References will be given to interns from: Group IT and Finance Director
Specific positions /departments where the company would want to place the interns? Finance Department