【East Japan Railway】 ~One week Global Internship in Tokyo~

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    Tokyo Tokyo Tokyo Tokyo , Japan Japan Japan Japan
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    1 month ago
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    Business, Business Developement, IT & Computer
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As the largest railway company, the business of the East Japan Railway group is to provide people with a transportation system that has great significance customers’ everyday lives, and is necessary for society and the community. We would like to achieve social responsibility through our business, such as maintenance of railway safety and providin stable railway transportation service.

East Japan Railway Group operates on a guiding principle: “”Our aim is to achieve social responsibility and sustainable growth of our company as a `group making a reliable life service`””. Based on this principle, we strive to continue to being a company that meets society’s expectations and earns the trust of our stakeholders.

What You Will Do

◆Interns can choose their field of interest from the following list
(After the participation in the internship is confirmed, we will send a survey of the desired department.)

1. Overseas business 
Interns will learn strategies for overseas business development and work on overseas projects.

2. Vehicles 
Interns will tour the inspection, repair, and manufacturing processes of vehicles to learn about their maintenance procedures and operational improvement.

3. Mechanical equipment 
Interns will learn about the work of designing, newly establishing, and maintaining machine equipment such as escalators, elevators, air conditioning equipment, train platform doors, etc., including the ticket vending system such as ticket vending machines and ticket gates, Suica system.

4. Track and Railway structure 
Interns will experience the inspection of tracks and railway structures, plans for their repair, and supervision of construction work. Interns will also learn the maintenance procedures conducted while the train operation is safely controlled.

5. Construction 
Interns will participate in the planning and supervision of construction as part of the whole construction cycle (renovation of terminals, construction of new lines and two-level crossings, etc.).
Interns have the opportunity to visit sites of on-going projects.

6. Building and architecture 
Interns will take part in the design, supervision, maintenance,and planning of station buildings.
Interns have the opportunity to visit sites of ongoing projects.

7. Electricity 
Interns will observe the train control system, power supply system (energy), and information communication network system and learn the overview of our electrical division. Interns will also learn the procedure of each of our projects, original technology of electric railways, and operation of electrical equipment including their maintenance.

8. Sales and Tourism Strategy 
Interns will learn about the planning of sales strategies of promotion for railway users and tourism business.

9. Service Quality Control
With your understanding for the direction of our service quality improvement measures, we would like you to learn what kind of measures are tied to concern the multilingual attendance for foreign tourists visiting Japan rapidly increasing, as well as the customers’ voices which are the starting point of service quality improvement.

10. Life style business development(non-rail business)
Interns will learn about offering new lifestyles and creating cities mainly at the station, such as business strategies for retail, shopping center, hotel, office etc. at the station, business related to maintenance and value improvement of property owned by JR EAST and business regarding regional revitalization.

11. Suica 
Interns will deepen your understanding of the work related to Suica (IC ticket / e-money) and credit card business.

12. IT 
Interns will learn about our work style innovation and proposing new service utilizing ICT in railway business.

13. Finance
Interns will learn about the outline of financial practices (Budget, Accounting, Tax, Treasury fund, Material procurement) that contribute to the promotion of measures for JR East, lifestyle service, IT Suica service, and the outline of financial support in overseas strategies(Treasury fund, Material procurement).

Interns will learn about the expected role of the legal department of JR East, which supports its business globalized and advanced, such as the railway service, lifestyle service and IT・Suica service.

What we can offer you

・Flight expenses to and from Japan will be covered by JR-East for participants coming to Tokyo from overseas.
・A lunch stipend will be provided.
・Accommodations will be provided to those whose commute to the company is over 2 hours one-way, and those from abroad.